X-pack security for Elasticsearch 6.4 not installed properly

I. have downloaded and installed. Elasticsearch 6.4 it has x-pack also. When installed x-pack file/jars/directories are in bin folder. when I run. bin/elasticsearch-plugin list etc it did not list anything. Also started enabled xpack security thru. Elasticsearch.yml and started server. also ran query GET "http://localhost:9200/_xpack/license" but it did not list x-pack. But if. I move x-pack folders/files to. plugins folder. bin/elasticsearch-plugin list. shows xpack but. throws java exception that. .properties files not founded etc.
How to fix this ? plugins directory is totally empty

X-Pack is not a plug-in since 6.3.0. You shouldn’t mess with the filesystem like this. Start fresh, download the default distribution (not the OSS distribution) and you’ll have X-Pack.

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