Xkcd style map?

I was looking at the blog for significatn terms aggregation and found this super cool map!

Which xkcd map is this blog using to plot the geohash key ?

That is quite literally an XKCD strip, it's not a map we have used - https://xkcd.com/1138/

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to refer to the one below with red rectangular on Google Earth. Sorry for the ambiguity.

Oh, heh :slight_smile:

@Mark_Harwood do you remember?

I used Google Earth - or the browser plugin. Last time I checked the google earth plugin worked in all browsers apart from Chrome, ironically.
The trick is to turn the Json search results into KML markup. I have a gist of some JavaScript mapping code that does most of what you'll need here: https://gist.github.com/markharwood/9227964


@Mark_Harwood Thanks. This is really cool.

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