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I have followed the guide on this site for security integration. Now When I restarted Kibana I'm entering kibana_system as the username and the password I created but after the login I get a message stating You do not have permission to access requested page.

This is the guide

How can I proceed from here?

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The kibana_system is a built-in role used to connect to Elasticsearch. It's not intended as a login to Kibana.

I would login to Kibana using the elastic account and then create a new user and then use that one.


Thanks Aaron

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Btw, the doc page you linked does say

This account is not meant for individual users and does not have permission to log in to Kibana from a browser. Instead, you’ll log in to Kibana as the elastic superuser.

Right after

You’ll configure Kibana to use the built-in kibana_system user and the password that you created earlier. Kibana performs some background tasks that require use of the kibana_system user.

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