"zero fill" like in kibana 3 in line chart in kibana 5.1?

Hi, I am currently migrating from kibana 3 to 5.1.

In some line charts, we enabled the "zero fill" flag in kibana 3. That causes a line to fall to zero, if no values are present.

In kibana 5 just the points are connected:

How can I do that in kibana 5?

Only workaround I found yet is using timelion plugin. Is there any way to do that in kibana 5 too?

Hi @asp,

Currently there is no way to zero-fill in Kibana 5, unfortunately. However, this is an issue already created in the Kibana GitHub repo to make this happen: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5911. If you have a GitHub account, I would encourage you to subscribe to this issue and/or post a comment on it explaining your use case so you can start receiving updates on its progress.


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