Zoom in time range doesnt work

Any idea why clicking the graph and selecting a time range doesn't zoom in at this url http://goo.gl/te2qb6 ?

Is this a Kibana instance you are trying to set up or just something you stumbled upon in a public domain?

This is something I am trying to setup. Thanks for the reply

I think this is because you set up your index not to contain time-based events. I added another index pattern (airbo*) selecting time-based events (see below), and re-created your visualization using that here - now brushing the chart to change the time range works. In your case, a time-based index pattern is what you want anyway, since you have a time field.

I filed an issue to investigate why changing time range in the other setup seems available, but doesn't work: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5191

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Thanks for much for quick reply. That helped me :slight_smile:

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