Install the Shield plugin into Kibana


In the Kibana installation directory iam running following command

bin/kibana plugin --install kibana/shield/2.3.5

But getting errors,please help me out how to install the shield plugin to kibana


Move to #kibana.

Please provide your error message.

Getting " unknown option --install" ,please suggest me the correct way or is there any other way to install sheild plugin into kibana

If you type in;

\bin>Kibana plugin

with no options, does it tell you;

Please specify either --install, --remove, or --list.

...and does typing;

\bin>Kibana plugin --list

...list any other installed plugins such as Marvel etc?

Yes bin i gava "kibana plugin --install kibana/shield/2.3.5"......if i give "kibana plugin --list" getting unknown command