Using Power BI conditional formatting

Problem: When attempting to use conditional formatting on a card, table, etc. I can right click off the measure or column data involved to select conditional formatting. The process starts and the conditional formatting window starts up, but never completes and appears as a “Pop Up” to select conditions. It does show up as a second Power BI window.

Context: I using a Mac w/ 16GB ram and running windows 10 via the latest version of Parallels. I am running the latest Power BI Version. Models are built from SQL Imports. I have a Pro Edition of Power BI. I have looked through the Options section of Power BI Course and applied everything that could be removing involved in this situation. I am an analyst not a code writer.


  1. Is this a Power BI or Windows issue?
  2. Are there any know resolutions to this type of problem?
  3. What do I need to confirm or check on in Power BI

Hi Likithsai,

Welcome to the Elastic Community! Are you asking about an issue with Microsoft Power BI rather than Elasticsearch? If so I think the Microsoft Power BI forums may be a better place to get help with your question.

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