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Advent Calendar To celebrate the end of the calendar year, the Elastic Engineering team will be publishing a series of Elastic Stack tips each day, from the 1st of December through the 25th of December. As we are a distributed organisation, and with community members from all corners of the globe, you'll be seeing these threads in a variety of our native languages. Elastic Training Taking an online <a href="http://training.elastic.co">Elastic training</a> course? Do you have questions about the curriculum, running into problems with the materials, or just want to provide some feedback? International Communities We have users all over the world who are sharing Elastic stories with their local community. In addition to the <a href="https://discuss.elastic.co/c/in-your-native-tongue">language options on our discussion forums</a>, many other online communities have sprung up so you can chat about the Elastic Stack in your native language. Use this International Communities subcategory to learn how to get connected with a user group near you. Elastic Stream This category is a bit different from the other categories on this board. The biggest difference is that, despite this board being called <a href="http://discuss.elastic.co">discuss.elastic.co</a>, this category isn't for discussion. Google Summer of Code Welcome to Elastic's Google Summer of Code group.<br> For a general guideline see <a href="https://github.com/elastic/gsoc">https://github.com/elastic/gsoc</a> and ask about anything that's unclear here. We're here to help!
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